Field Report: 2023 CLOSED FOR THE SEASON
In March the unseasonably warm days then the 3 day freeze in the same month hit us at a critical bloom time for our blueberries.  This event in itself isn’t entirely a bad thing.  Usually, this is a natural thinning which allows for the remaining crop to grow larger and sweeter…but this year we also had a few days of frost couple weeks after the freeze.   And that event is what has resulted in our best estimates an almost total loss.  

Talia Farms will not be open for the 2023 season.  The good news is the plants are resilient as are the farmers.  Have a safe and happy summer.  Support your local farmers, and God willing we will see you next year! 
God Bless,
Bob & Heather
Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about  and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.


When are your blueberries available?

Typically our blueberry season runs from late June til mid to late July.


Do you use any insecticides?

We are proud to tell you that Talia Farm's 100% natural berries, are grown with no insecticides or herbacides.


How are your blueberries sold? 

We  pick and sort our blueberries and package them in 1-pint containers.  You can purchase as little as 1-pint or as many as your would like.


What are your prices?

$3.00 per pint (includes NC Sales Tax)

$20.00 a gallon which is 8 pints (includes NC Sales Tax)

$30.00 a case which is 12 pints (includes NC Sales Tax)  THIS IS APPRX 9LBS OF BLUEBERRIES


Why are you only open on WED, FRI and SAT? 

Blueberries require time to rippen, and not all the blueberries on a bush will ripen at once.  Over harvesting is results poor quality berries and we want to ensure the best product.   We recommend calling ahead before you make a special trip.